vakantiepark zijpersluis noord holland

Holidaypark Zijpersluis

This small and cosy town (27,000) has in the geographic center of Holland North Holland-Noord surprisingly much to offer visitors. A historical core with many old buildings and a variety of shops and a variety of restaurants, a shopping centre (Makado), many special tourist activities such as such as "West Frisian market" and show some impressive monuments and small museums, an eventful and exciting past of the city and its inhabitants. The name Schagen is mentioned in old documents from the year 989 a.d., called still Scagha. Since the 15th century, Schagen is known as a regional center.  Learn more about the history of Schagen hier.


Schagen is of great significance as a shopping centre for the residents of Burgerbrug and also for the small from other places in the area. Small purchases are made in Petten. For larger purchases, the inhabitants visited at least once in a week of Schagen.



The West-Frisian market


Every summer, on 10 Thursdays Schagen is dedicated to a particular spectacle, "The West Frieschen market days".


Every Thursday many volunteers from Schagen and environment meet at 10: 00. Accompanied by the Gayer music, played by a farmer Chapel, dressed in historic costumes, antique horse-drawn carriages, horse-drawn carriage and foot, a tour is made by the city. "On the market, in the shadow of the great Church, a folklore dance show consisting of from children's dance group and the Westfriesischen begins dance group at 1 P.m.,", which is known also about Schagen. All of this is "live", accompanied by an orchestra.


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Het museum Vreeburg

Museum Vreeburg

The Museum is located in a restored farmhouse, as it was built originally in the 17th century. Upon entering of the farmhouse, you immediately receive an impression of how the Northern Dutch farming families once lived. The establishment was collected from the wide surroundings and renovated by volunteers, and erected. You will see a variety of old tableware that recall the past in this museum. On the ground floor are the rooms with original furniture and utensils from the distant past. In the stable, you'll find old tools. The eye enjoys over the typical old North Holland costumes. When last is still the old toys, which find probably anywhere else will be.

On the first floor, with changing themes exhibitions regularly. During the "West Frieschen-Thursdays", qualified employees demonstrate how old crafts: spinning, copper edit, produce glass-blowing, lumps and shod horses. The refinishing of the old car is still running old techniques. Be seen Thursdays from 11.30 am


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The great Church


Two church towers in the distance already dominate the silhouettes of Schagen: the ornamented Dutch reformed "large church tower", as well as the narrow top Tower of the Catholic Church of "Christopher", which you can get here more information.


From 1895 to 1897 in built the neo Gothic style "big Church" received the status of a national monument a few years ago and is one of the very rare and authentic examples of a neo Gothic church for a reformed congregation. Among the banks, the pulpit, the chandeliers, and especially the beautiful organ, are built by the firm of dam, which are still regularly played at concerts of importance to art history.

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De toren van de Grote kerk aan de Markt