vakantiepark zijpersluis noord holland

Holidaypark Zijpersluis


Earlier the area was a water parts of the region, the Geestmerambacht. That came through the regular floods caused by a passage in the Schoorlsen dunes. Through the many water arose a unique agricultural culture to thousands of small-usually oblong Islands. At the end of the 1960s, there has been a large-scale consolidation, so that most of the Islands disappeared. Only a small, protected area still remains. The agricultural products that were built on the small islands, could be transported only by barge. Length, slide the barge with a Kloet, a stock of about four feet. A hard chore for the gardener, the shallow barges of l 'Kloetend' between the Islands, to maneuver. Because the vegetables were transported crops cabbage but mainly per barge, it was so easy for auction without to offer transhipment to buyers. Thus arose a ship auction in Broek op Langedijk and Noord-Scharwoude. Commemorating the auction remains Broeker veiling as a monument and for young and old, to visit. Here, visitors can buy vegetables even in the historical building of the auction. Consider the clock # from # 1903 at the right moment and feel as a trader of the day. You can make also a nice tour of the former empire of the thousand islands, explore the nature reserve, where vegetables were grown. In the Museum, an exhibition is to see a school class long Dijker and schoolyard from the 1920s, as well as a collection of wooden ships. There is also a restaurant. The Museum consists of a series of gardens with an old Orchard, a Petting Zoo and a shipyard. You can admire also the reconstruction of the Dutch Damschuit.


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Where is Broek op Langedijk?

In the aerial photograph of remaining ' Empire of the thousand islands "Langedijk are East of Broek op to see the gardens, what gardeners grew their Kohl for centuries."

The passage in the auction building from 1912. Here driving the ships with vegetables by passing on here sitting traders before their fascinating game of buying and selling.