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Alkmaar is one of the most beautiful cities of the Netherlands, with a very rich history, beautiful culture and centuries-old buildings and monuments. Alkmaar is historical, with more than 400 monuments. St. Laurens Church and many courtyards, facades receive the balance on the original design from the 14th century, the Town Hall from the 16th century, the large and channels give the city a unique appearance. With the past as a setting, the city has a modern Einkaufsscene with modern shops and a wide range. In addition to the familiar, comfortable and large shopping centre in the old town, Alkmaar has some malls with large shopping facilities, the tankards are value. The beautiful city centre offers inland canals, drawbridges and fortresses along the fortress wall that surrounds the old town.

If you should choose a cheese capital, this attractive city, would win easily founded in 939. They can participate every Friday from April to September, at the traditional cheese weighing on the world famous cheese market.


The inhabitants of Netherlands were used to eat the cheese off the bread. In 1916, an average of 300 tonnes have been implemented on the cheese market in Alkmaar Cheese per market day. Therefore, the sale of cheese with ease went until 1 am at night. They were real prosperity.

How the trade at the time was so great, he was not ever since. But over the years that became public more and more. More than 300,000 people from all Mr countries visit the people of Alkmaar Cheese market every year.

The market in Alkmaar is the only one in the Netherlands, where the traditions of cheese sales in honour are held. A market day is an entire experience. Before the cheese onto the square, we this fixed. The cheese is then stacked by the "setter" in long rows on the course. Point 10: 00 am the starting bell rings. 0Vvon right now to run the cheese carriers and with full-cheese carriers. The cheese is tested, it is offered and haggled. Finally, a handshake finished the final sale.


Alkmaar has since 1622 a Guild of cheese carriers. The Guild consists of four groups of seven cheese carriers. Each group has its own color: red, yellow, green, or blue. Of the four groups is the father of cheese. He is to see a black stock with silver knob.

You can discover exactly how the traditions around the cheese sales are in the Museum of cheese.


The Dutch cheese Museum

This museum situated on the market square building in the former scales. The Museum shows the production of dairy products through the centuries, trade and life in the country. The collection includes historic dishes, footage and paintings.

The Museum is worth more than a visit because the building dates from the 14.Jahrhundert and still largely in the old state is preserved. This is true for the exterior of the building, but especially for the Interior. Under the historic hood on the second floor, a part of the collection of the Museum is to admire.

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Canals tour

During a tour through the old town experience why Alkmaar attracts many tourists from the Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Belgium and the rest of Europe. Also from the East, America and Australia, people regularly come to visit to Alkmaar.

The tours last about 45 minutes and begin at the starting point of de Mient, an idyllic Street in the heart of Alkmaar. A guide will accompany you during this tour and learn about the attractions and the history of Alkmaar.

The boats of the tours are made are open boats of about 18 meters length, with space for about 80 people. From these boats out there is a wonderful view of the old buildings and bridges of Alkmaar. A certain kind of tension is guaranteed by some very low bridges, including one of 80 inches above the water.

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Meer bezienswaardigheden

he Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar contains excellent collections, including the famous painting by Pieter Saenredam with inside of the Laurenskirche. In addition one whole bunch of pictures from the siege of 1573 and much more about the city's history.

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National beer Museum

The national beer Museum "De Boom", is situated in a brewery from the 17th century, view the entire brewing process and learn everything that has to do with beer. It also gives you an overview of the history of beer, the role of beer in the Netherlands and in a city like Alkmaar. After visiting the Museum, you can drink one of the 86 Dutch beer varieties in the sample local. Be the sample local

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Great St. Laurenschurch

Alkmaar is one of those cities where are many examples of the golden age, finding in the city and in the large Sint Laurenskirche. A city church, as was the Laurenskirche in Alkmaar, after all the statues and paintings have been removed during the iconoclasm. But in the course of time, there were all sorts of various monuments instead. Hangs in the Hall of the Church, such as a model of the vessel with the Michael Adriaensz. de Ruyter the chain on the River Thames during a war destroyed with the English. In 1645, one was for this time huge amount F 60,000 an organ built in, that all other organs to the ceiling had to stretch, the famous Hagerbeer-Schnitger organ.

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